POV Crypto – Fight Night VIII: BTC is 0-1, is Ethereum is 10x? POV Token. Bancor Anti-Maximalism.

David and Christian discuss recent arguments, debate, and laugh in this latest edition of Fight Night!

  • Common Bitcoiner criticisms of Ethereum

  • Is the EF an authority on Ethereum’s direction?

  • Difference between business models of autonomous applications vs. businesses

  • Using Peter Thiel’s metaphors: Bitcoin is 0-1, is Ethereum a 10x improvement?

  • POV Crypto has a token! 69 POV’s worth $6.9 each on Uniswap. It does nothing.

  • David goes off on Bancor and its attempt to subvert Ether in Ethereum, while Bancor pretending it’s an ally of the DeFi movement

  • What stability really means in hard money assets.


  • Haven – Get $5 in Bitcoin, Litecoin or Zcash

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